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Pasta Producers and Industrialists’ Association (MÜSAD) Chairperson Nihat Uysallı made statements about the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine on the wheat and pasta industry. Uysallı stated that Turkiye’s stock of both durum and bread wheat is sufficient.

OİAB Başkanı Nihat Uysallı : 20 Yılda Kazanılan Pazarları Kaybederiz -  Esnaf Haber TV Ticaret
Nihat Uysallı

Nihat Uysallı said that Turkiye’s stocks of both durum and bread wheat are sufficient and that there will be no problem in pasta production due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Emphasizing that the war is a situation that no one desires, Uysallı said that they wish the conflicts to end as soon as possible.


Uysallı pointed out that the recent events once again showed the importance of the agricultural sector for the countries and said, “One calamity is better than a thousand advice. This war after the epidemic showed that agricultural policies are very important for the future of our country. The positive steps taken in recent times regarding agricultural policies have accelerated. It is essential for our country to continue.”

MÜSAD Başkanı Uysallı'dan makarnalık ve ekmeklik buğday stoku açıklaması

Indicating that Turkiye is the neighbour of the world’s largest grain and oilseed producers, Uysallı explained, “The ongoing war may have opened a window to great opportunities as well as causing great suffering. The new situation and our geographical advantages may be analyzed well and Turkiye’s gaining new advantages in many markets can be achieved with studies to be carried out. Our stocks in both durum and bread wheat are extremely sufficient.”

“There will be no problems in the production of pasta during the war between Russia and Ukraine. As in the epidemic process, we have the ability to produce pasta, which will be more than enough for all of Turkey, there is no cause for concern,” Uysallı added…

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