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Nihat Çelik: We estimate more than 2.7 million sacrificials sold during the Eid

Nihat Çelik, Head of the Central Union of Sheep and Goat Breeders of Türkiye (TÜDKİYEB), stated that it is estimated more than 2.7 million animals, including 2.2 million sheep and goat breeders, were sold during the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha).

Nihat Çelik also said that the breeders who completed their preparations months before the feast made their sales in the sacrifice markets.

“This year, as every year, citizens preferred ovines for sacrifice. Over 2.2 million ovine animals were sacrificed across the country this year. The exact figures have not yet been finalised. Sacrificial sales are behind compared to last year,” Çelik said.

Indicating that they closely follow the sacrificial markets, Çelik noted, “We estimate that more than 500 thousand bovine sacrificials were sold this year. Thus, the number of sacrificials sold this year exceeded 2.7 million.”

Nihat Çelik


Pointing out the importance of the purchase of the remaining animals at the sacrificial sale points by the Meat and Milk Institution (ESK) upon the request of the breeders, Çelik added, “ESK also evaluates the transport, maintenance and feeding expenses in addition to the current purchase prices.”

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