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Ovine sacrifices worth up to 6.5 billion liras await their buyers…

Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Association of Turkey (TÜDKİYEB) President Nihat Çelik said that the number of sheep and goats to be sacrificed reaches 5 million if demanded.

Çelik said, “The value of 5 million sheep and goats reaches 6.5 billion liras.”

Nihat Çelik, in a written statement, said that according to the information given by Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli, 800 thousand cattle and 2.7 million small ruminants were slaughtered in 2019.

Stating that they estimate about 3 million ovine slaughter will be made this year, Çelik noted that many people postponed their holiday plans due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

Pointing out that Saudi Arabia will not accept pilgrims from abroad, Çelik explained, “We anticipate that the sacrificials will increase by 10 percent due to both those who delay their holiday plans and pilgrims who cannot fulfill the pilgrimage. Although 3.5 million ovine animals allocated to be sacrificed, according to the information we have got from the market circles, our breeder is able to put up to 5 million sheep and goats to the market as sacrificials. So there will be no problems in terms of sacrifices for this Feast of Qurban.”

Weighted average price 1300 liras…

According to the information received from our provincial associations, Çelik added that the average sacrificial ovine price is 1300 lira.

“According to our calculations based on this value, 3.5 million ovine animals worth 4 billion 550 million liras to be sacrificed this year. But in case of the demand, number of ovine animals reaches 5 million. The value of 5 million ovine animals is 6.5 billion,” Çelik concluded…

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