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Adıyaman Chamber of Agriculture Chairperson Salih Şahan said that the last hike in electricity will hit the farmer who irrigates with electricity.

Underlining that the hike in electricity prices will bring a huge burden to the farmers who irrigate with electricity, Salih Şahan said, “These electricity prices hit our farmers who irrigate with electricity. Last night, the electricity, fuel and natural gas prices increased. How will the farmer produce? How will the consumer reach cheap food? With the hike in energy, fertilizer and fuel input costs, the production of vegetables, fruits, maize, beet, wheat and barley in irrigated agriculture has become impossible under these conditions.”

“Electricity prices soared by 52 percent below the first 150 kWh for residences and by 127 percent above 150 kWh. The 50 percent increase in the natural gas given to the industrialists will also affect the fertilizer prices, because urea and manure are produced with natural gas. At this point, a statement has been made stating that it has become mandatory for the sustainability of energy markets, cost-based pricing and predictability,” Şahan added.

“We understood that all of the hikes were made compulsory, but when will the issue that the farmer’s costs are increasing every day will be brought to the agenda?” Şahan asked…

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