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Egg Producers, Products and Industrialists’ Association (YÜSAD) joined the Turkish Food and Beverage Industry Associations Federation (TGDF), the largest non-governmental organization in the Turkish food and beverage industry.

As of 2021, with a turnover of 465.9 billion liras and employment reaching 555 thousand, the food and beverage sector, which has more than 53 thousand enterprises in total, provides an added value of 68.1 billion liras to the country.

The Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkiye (TGDF), which was established in 2003 with the coming together of 10 food associations, is the largest non-governmental organization in this important sector.

Members of TGDF, the umbrella organization of the industry, meet 95% of production, employment and exports in the food and beverage sectors.

In nearly 20 years since its establishment, TGDF has become the largest non-governmental organization in the sector, significantly expanding its scope in terms of the number of members and the sub-sectors it covers.

TGDF, which carries out uninterrupted works for the public benefit, has reached 29 sectoral member associations under the umbrella of the Federation with the participation of the Egg Producers, Products and Industrialists Association (YÜSAD).

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