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Neither the milk nor the meat problem to end if the producer quits!

On World Milk Day, the sector is looking for a solution: ‘If the producer ends, neither milk nor meat problem will end’

Stating that the cost figures of the National Milk Council (USK) and the ministry do not reflect the reality, Ali Gümüşlü, Head of Elmalı Milk Producers’ Association, said that small businesses are closing down, industrial production is soaring…

ANTALYA – Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB), in cooperation with Antalya Agriculture Council, organised a “Sustainable Milk Production Panel” on 1 June World Milk Day. In the panel moderated by ATB Press Consultant Vahide Yanık, production costs and the rapid uptick in milk prices, as well as the obstacles and solutions to the continuation of milk production were discussed.


Head of the Elmalı Milk Producers’ Association, Veterinarian Ali Gümüşlü explained the situation of the dairy sector in recent years through figures: “Milk production is 23 million 200 tonnes in 2021, 21 million 563 thousand tonnes in 2022 and 21 million 481 thousand tonnes in 2023. That corresponds to a 0.5 percent decrease. On the other hand, the number of animals purchased decreased from 28.1 million in 2021 to 25.8 million in 2022.”

“In other words, there was an 8.2 percent decrease in the number of animals. However, in the same years, milk production did not fall at the same rate. This data shows us the following; small family businesses are closing down. Large industrial animal husbandry is increasing. The closure of 50 small family businesses means that one large industrial facility meets the milk produced. We need to prevent the migration of people living in rural areas and for this we need to improve the conditions of people engaged in animal husbandry,” he added…

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