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Adana Farmers Association President Mutlu Doğru said that new milk price would not prevent cows from slaughtering!

Doğru said, “It should have been at least 3.5 TL.”

Reminding that the only product whose price has not changed despite the increase in all inputs since November 2019 is raw milk, Doğru noted, “At that time, the cost of milk per litre was calculated as 1.78 TL by the National Milk Council (USK) and the price was announced as 2.30 TL.”

Stating that according to the calculation of USK, the cost in November 2020 was 2.64 TL, while the announced price remained at 2.80 TL., Doğru added, “Compared to last year, the gap between costs and price has narrowed and our farmers will continue to lose at this price.”

“The price is disappointing”

Recalling that the price announced by the Food Committee is disappointing and that the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry expressed his opinion that he would like to make our farmers more satisfied by announcing a better price, Mutlu Doğru concluded, “I sincerely believe in this. However, our esteemed minister should have convinced our relevant ministers in the Food Committee and ensure that the price per litrer of milk is at least 3.5 TL.”

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