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İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry is signing off on a project that will be the first of its kind in Turkiye. Thanks to the project launched, the numbers of insects that cause damage in agricultural areas will be made by the stations established in the orchards and sent to the technical personnel immediately.

Mustafa Özen

Speaking to the technical personnel at the launch of the project, İzmir Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Mustafa Özen emphasized that agriculture is an indispensable and alternative sector and said, “Every investment made in agriculture pays off. Thanks to your effective work, İzmir increases both its agricultural production and product quality day by day. I know that all of you are both honoured and aware of the social responsibility of working in the field of agriculture.”

Indicating that a very good work emerged after the 1-year preparation of the project team, Özen explained, “We are breaking new ground in Turkiye. This project is actually a start. The increase in the use of technology in agriculture and the implementation of smart agricultural technologies are now inevitable. We hope that this project, which started in Izmir, which has realized model projects for the country in many fields, will spread first in the whole of Izmir and then in our country. It is also a source of pride for us that the devices and software we will use in this project are developed entirely by our local and national software developers.”

Harmful Insects in Agricultural Fields Will Now Be Detected and Counted by Machines…

Giving information about the details of the project, Plant Production and Plant Health Branch Manager Engin Altunoğlu pointed out that technical personnel are constantly on duty in 30 districts to detect diseases and pests in agricultural areas and they perform technical analyzes regarding the determination of the time of struggle.

“Thanks to this project, these works, which have been going on for years, will be carried out more effectively, quickly and accurately and costs such as personnel, labour, vehicles and fuel will be significantly reduced,” Altunoğlu added.

Engin Altunoğlu

“With the project, technical personnel will be able to instantly see the main pest density and tracking at desired intervals without leaving the field, via the mobile application (IOS-Android) and web base that they download to their mobile phones. In this way, the economic loss threshold process will be followed instantly and the fight will be carried out on time,” he concluded.

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