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Symrna Boyoz will show up in the Gulf!

After the US and Greece, Smyrna Boyoz will now make Kuwaiti people love their delicious products…

Musa Turan, founder of the company, said that they are evaluating proposals from many countries.

Smyrna Boyoz, founded by Izmir businessman Musa Turan, will take its place in Kuwait with its unique taste after New York and Los Angeles in USA and Thessaloniki in Greece. As the MİM Group, from 15th century to the present day preserves the original recipe and flavor boyoz, Izmir’s old name unique taste Smyrna Boyoz brand name.

Company Chairman Turan Musa Turan stated that they have made an agreement on the intense request from Qatar.


Smyrna Boyoz introduces millions of people with a taste they have never tasted before by opening up the historical flavour produced in the facilities of the group in Izmir to the world and will popularize this authentic taste to the Kuwaiti people after opening branches in Greece and the USA.

Stating that they developed themselves by staying true to their original recipe and adapting to different cultural tastes and becoming a global brand, Musa Turan stated that as Smyrna Boyoz family, they progressed confidently.

“Boyoz is one of the symbols of Izmir while has become indispensable for breakfasts. We signed a protocol with Al Massaied firm in Kuwait to take up markets and cafes. We have also ambitious plans for Qatar in 2020” Turan said.


Boyoz joined the local culture by 1492 after the Jews evicted from Spain to the Ottoman cities in large groups, especially with the settlement of Izmir, indicating that Izmir attended the city’s culture Musa Turan, “Although boyoz is produced in many places Boyoz across the country, the original recipe exists only in Izmir” he said.

“Izmir’s old name, unique taste of Smyrna Boyoz, takes its flavour from the special kneaded dough. White flour, salt, sunflower oil and tahini are used according to the season. The use of tahini in the dough increases the nutritive value of it and makes the stomach comfortable. This year after Kuwait, we are planning to sign some more agreements in different countries” he added…

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