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Muhammet Öztürk: We should concentrate on food production!

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Muhammet Öztürk, Chairperson of Aegean Grains, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association; “We should concentrate on food production, there is a demand in the world”

Muhammet Öztürk

Muhammet Öztürk said that after the pandemic, it turned out that being able to manufacture food products is a great power.

Pointing out that they need to focus on food production, Öztürk said, “We need to create a climate where our producers can reap the rewards of their hard work. Türkiye has a geography that can produce a wide range of products, especially cereals, pulses and oilseeds, due to its climate characteristics. As the cereals, pulses and oilseeds sector, we alone accounted for 48 percent of Türkiye’s food exports in 2023 with exports of 12.4 billion dollars. We have tripled the exports of cereals, pulses and oilseeds of the Aegean Region in the last 10 years to 1 billion 66 million dollars.”

“By increasing efficiency in production with the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and digitalisation, we will produce in accordance with the expectations of consumers whose taste scale increases every day, export them in a value-added way and work to ramp up the exports of our sector to 18 billion dollars in the country in 2028 and to 1.5 billion dollars in the Aegean Region,” he noted.

“In order to reach our export targets in 2024, we are participating in 9 food fairs from the USA to Hong Kong, from Japan to France, from the United Arab Emirates to Russia, promoting our export products and organising tasting events. A joint Turquality Project is planned by the Sector Board Associations for the comprehensive promotion of sugary products in the US, Canada and Mexico markets,” he added…

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