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Turkey’s first children’s cheese enriched with vitamin D from Muratbey…

Kids with Misto will be the cheese monster…

Innovative products that add flavor to the table with Muratbey, the first cheese enriched with vitamin D which Turkey makes a difference to children with special developed Misto. Prepared with cute shapes such as dinosaur, dolphin, penguin, cat, duck and rabbit, Misto meets the daily need of vitamin D by 100 percent. Misto; indispensable of children, mothers who want to make their children love cheese will be the biggest helper.

Muratbey, which stands out with its innovative works, supports the healthy development of children with its new cheese Misto. Misto, which meets the daily required vitamins and minerals at a high rate, has 650 mg calcium, 16.50 g protein and 5 mcg vitamin D in 100 grams. Muratbey makes cheese a delicious, fun and healthy snack for children.

With Misto, the form and flavor of different animals, the children will become cheese monsters at every meal. Misto’s cute “Cheese Monster” packaging will inspire children as a mini toy box.
In the R & D phase, Muratbey conducted months of research with hundreds of mothers and children, and designed the name of Misto, which animal forms it would contribute to the healthy development of children and its packaging according to the preferences and choices of the children.

In Turkey and simultaneously with the US, Europe and the Middle East…

The researches carried out during the development of Misto were achieved not only in our country but also in USA, Europe and Middle East countries. Misto, at the same time with Turkey and the Middle East took place on the shelves in European countries…


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