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Ministry’s “Climate Resilient Forestry Project” unveiled…

The Agriculture and Forestry Ministry has announced an extensive project aimed at protecting forests from the destructive effects of the climate crisis and global warming.

Speaking at the launch of the “Climate Resilient Forestry Project” on May 30, Minister İbrahim Yumaklı stated that the initiative will span five years and also support forestry activities in regions that received major damage in last year’s earthquakes in the country’s south.

The World Bank will provide a $400 million loan for the forest project, the minister said.

Yumaklı emphasized their collaboration with the World Bank on various fronts related to climate change, noting that the total value of their agreements with the organization for other projects amounts to $1.5 billion.

İbrahim Yumaklı

The new efforts are set to include significant sub-projects for establishing fire-resistant forests and covering underdeveloped areas with forestry potential, he said.

“Housing development for forest villagers, scientific beekeeping, support for animal and plant production and the installation of rooftop solar energy systems for forest villagers are also part of the project,” Yumaklı said.

“Many aspects could be enumerated, but it is important that the common goals of the World Bank and our ministry in combating climate change lead to the same destination and produce similar outcomes.”

Delivering a speech at the event, Bekir Karacabey, General Director of Afforestation, stated that the issue of carbon footprint will become one of the most crucial factors affecting not only societal but also commercial life in the future.

“Like the world, Türkiye is preparing for this matter very seriously. Our greatest capital here will be our forest areas and woodlands.” Karacabey explained.

Bekir Karacabey

The project includes new afforestation efforts to make forests resilient to climate change, as well as efforts to eliminate the adverse effects of forest pests, he said.

Karacabey noted that the project will also be key to improving infrastructure to facilitate technical interventions in forests.

“With this project, we will implement our efforts more widely, quickly and effectively,” he said.

The official also mentioned that the “Forest Schools Project” aimed at raising awareness among children will be implemented as one of the main components of the initiative.

“Hopefully, when the project is completed, we believe that a different projection will be presented regarding the negative effects of climate change related to forest fires in our entire country.”

Laurent Debroux

The school project will be implemented in 14 out of 81 provinces, he said, without elaborating the cities.

Laurent Debroux, the World Bank’s sustainable development program leader, emphasized the significance of the project for them, stating that it will contribute to the well-being of people living in the project implementation areas…

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