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Scientific Risk Assessment Committee and Socio-Economic Evaluation Committee within the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry approved 2 soybean and 1 corn gene with GMO (Genetically modified organism) for 10 years provided that they are used in animal feed.

The committee revoked permits for use for 3 soybean genes that expired on January 26, 2021.

Six decisions of the Ministry of Agriculture on GMO soy and corn were published in the Official Gazette.

Evaluating the applications of the Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders’ Association (BESD-BİR), the Committee approved the use of the three different product named MON87427 (corn) FG72 (soy) and 305423 (soy) in the production of animal feed.

According to the approval decisions, these products can only be used as animal feed or as raw material in animal feed production. Measures will be taken to prevent contamination in their transportation, storage and packaging. The importing company will present the security and emergency measures within 30 days.

During the import, processing and packaging stages of the products, the labeling rules for their GMO content will be followed.

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