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Minister Kirişci: 1.7 billion flowers are produced in Turkey

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Professor Dr. Vahit Kirişci, said, “1.7 billion flowers are produced in Turkiye. Our export in return for this production has increased to 121 million dollars by 2021.”

Minister Kirişci continued as follows:

“Our export in return for this production has risen to 121 million dollars. Agriculture itself is a net exporter in Turkiye. Turkiye is also a net exporter of flowers. While the amount of exports soars on a tonne basis, we can earn a much higher foreign exchange income than that. This is an added bonus. It is an indication that we can sell products with high value to better markets. The topic of Netherlands is frequently brought up here. The Netherlands is an exemplary country in these matters. In the process that started with the pandemic and continued with the Russia-Ukraine war, our country’s geostrategic superiority suddenly emerged. Today, our export and being right next to Europe, our biggest market in foreign trade, gives us a logistical advantage.”

Vahit Kirişçi kimdir, kaç yaşında, nereli, ne mezunu? İşte biyografisi
Dr. Vahit Kirişci


Stating that 30 percent of the flower production is in İzmir province, Minister Kirişci explained:

“In many agriculture-related activities, İzmir is always in the top 10. We trust our İzmir and our producers to the fullest. The green agreement will oblige us to fulfill the requirements of not only our florists, but also our entire industry and agricultural activities. We will pay attention to the renewable energy we will use. We will certify them. We have to achieve a certified, documented production.”

Referring to the organized industrial zone (OIZ) to be implemented in Bayındır district of İzmir, Minister Kirişci added, “Not only those who produce here, but also a beautiful complex, a modern Organized industrial zone, from R&D activities to the units where their activities will be carried out, will be brought to Bayındır district.”

“We know that our ladies are employed in the flower industry. I would like to state that they will provide an additional employment of around 1,500 in this OIZ,” he concluded…

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