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Mehmet Ali Işık: Exports of magnificent trio of Turkish dried fruits surpass 1 billion dollars!

Press release…

In the 2023/24 season, exports of seedless raisins, dried apricots and dried figs, in which Türkiye is the world leader in production and exports, soared by 8 percent from 933 million dollars to 1 billion 7 million dollars and the 1 billion dollar threshold was exceeded.

Mehmet Ali Işık

According to the export statistics published by the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association, the quantity-based exports of the magnificent trio of the dried fruit sector decreased by 12 percent from 328 thousand tonnes to 290 thousand tonnes.

Despite the fall in quantity, the spike in the amount of foreign currency obtained was thanks to the 22 per cent increase in the average export price in dollar terms. While the average kilogram export price of the three products was 2.84 USD in the 2022/23 season, it increased to 3.46 USD in the same period of the 2023/24 season.

Seedless raisins export price runs to 3,000 dollars…

Mehmet Ali Işık, Head of the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters‘ Association, stated that exports of seedless raisins, which dominate the country’s dried fruit exports, amounted to 175 thousand 641 tonnes for 395 million 444 thousand dollars between 1 September 2023 and 3 June 2024 and informed that the average export price of seedless raisins went up from one thousand 692 dollars to 2 thousand 248 dollars in the 9-month period.

Işık also reminded that Turkish seedless raisin exports between 1 September 2022 and 3 June 2023 were 196 thousand 581 tonnes in terms of quantity, while the foreign exchange return was 332 million 884 thousand dollars.

“Although seedless raisin exports decreased by 11 percent in terms of quantity, the foreign exchange return boosted by 19 percent. The export price of our raisins rose by 33 percent on a dollar basis. In the last one-week period, the average export price of seedless raisins has progressed to 2 thousand 839 dollars and approached 3 thousand dollars. We congratulate all our producers and exporters who contributed to this success,” Işık added…

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