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Hüseyin Arslan, Chairman of the Board of the Mediterranean Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds and Products Exporters’ Association (AHBİB), announced that they realized exports worth 106.1 million dollars in July, an increase of 27 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Stating that they evaluated 142 thousand 959 tonnes of products in global markets in July, Chairman Hüseyin Arslan noted that the products they exported the most this month were peas and beans.

‘We should focus on derivative products with high added value in pulses’

AHBİB President Hüseyin Arslan said that while the industry continues its exports despite the difficulties and cost increases caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in global trade, it focuses on the production of innovative and high value-added products and the production of certified seeds that will increase yield.

Emphasizing that the demand for healthy, ready-to-eat and snack foods is expected to expand significantly in relation to rapid urbanization, changing living conditions and intense working conditions, according to the forecasts for the next 10 years, Arslan said, “In order for Turkish companies to be more effective in the international market, they should prioritize to produce pulses as canned, hummus, chips, that means innovative investments that will transform it into derivative products with high added value such as bread, cake and pastry.”

Expressing that the development of ready-to-eat, delicious, healthy and economical products that respond to consumer preferences and the commercialization of these products are of critical importance for the future of the sector, Hüseyin Arslan stated that steps towards boosting the production of certified seeds and expanding their use to increase yield should be accelerated.

Pointing out that AHBİB had a 16 percent share in the sector’s exports of 652.8 million dollars in July, Arslan added, “When we evaluate our regional exports in July according to product groups, pulses products ranked first with a 100 percent hike and a value of 34.5 million dollars.”

Underlining that the main markets of AHBİB, which exported to 156 countries and regions in July, are the Middle East, Europe and Africa, Arslan concluded, “After Iraq, which has a share of 28 percent in our regional exports, Syria ranked second with an increase of 90 percent and a value of 8.8 million dollars, while the People’s Republic of China ranked third with a rise of 195 percent and a value of 4.4 million dollars.”

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