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After the price hike in chicken and eggs, meat price has also increased.

Stating that hikes between 3 and 5 liras should be met normally, Turkish Butchers’ Federation Vice President Osman Yardımcı said, “No product left that has not seen any mark up last year across the world. Still just at the end of the year, only 3 TL came to the meat, this increase is not even 5 percent.”

Indicating that 4 plums were sold at 60 liras in Antalya Wholesale Market Hall last week, Yardımcı argued that there has not been a raise in meat for 1 year and that is why the citizen is not disturbed by this raise.

“I say again, meat is the cheapest food item in Turkey”

“According to the districts meat prices may vary. So 3-5 TL is not a big rise in 1 year. Even if there is a 5 lira increase, we have put 3 liras on it,” Yardımcı noted.

Pointing out that minced meat was 57 liras and now 60 liras, Yardımcı added, “1 kilo of cubed meat increased from 62 to 65 liras. Until this time, I have not seen a citizen react to the price of meat. The citizen knew that this hike would come. Only 1 lira hike has come for chicken, but they so exaggerated this event so much. Actually it is the meat we eat and drink. The most important ingredient for human health is meat. Again, it is the cheapest food item in Turkey.”

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