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Gum drops from Çeşme! (literally means fountain, a county of Izmir)

Çeşme Municipality has ambitious targets for ‘Gum Trees’.

Gum harvest, grown only in Turkey and Chios island of Greece, arranged by Çeşme Municipality as to give the value of this unprecedented product that it deserves.

After the opening speech, a gum tree producer İbrahim Topal and Çeşme Municipality Agriculture and Livestock Projects Officer Kazım Beyaz talked about the ‘Gum drops from Çeşme’ project.

Afterwards Çeşme Mayor M. Ekrem Oran made a speech. In his speech, Mayor Oran stated:

“We started the Gum Harvesting Project for the first time in Çeşme. We have gathered here together with our citizens and our farmers. First of all I’d like to tell you what kind of a product this Gum Tree is. Gum Tree is a tree devoted to human health. A tree that grows in a very limited area and produces very valuable products for human health. A tree offering products that have been used for thousands of years in skin diseases, dental and oral antiseptics, in the treatment of gums.”

“When we scratch out this tree, there is a resin flowing through it. In gum trees, this resin usually does not freeze. But these droplets that freeze in the trees that we call Gum Drops and fall into eye droplets are very important for human health. Today it is used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. This tree is very valuable to us. At the same time a tree clinging to life; A tree that has been living for hundreds of thousands of years is trying to hold onto life again from its roots. Its branches touch the ground and as it gets older, it takes root from where it touches and tries to live again. Even when burned, it can give new exiles from his roots” he concluded.

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