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MAY Seed Took Exemplary Precautions in Covid-19 pandemy when importance of agricultural production became apparent both in Turkey and abroad, MAY Seed that is the pioneering seed producer of Turkey continued with its breeding, production, and domestic and international marketing processes without interruption thanks to the precautions it had taken. 

As a result of comprehensive precautions it took with its Pandemic Process Crisis Management Team, MAY Seed that is active in breeding, production, marketing, and sales of vegetable seeds, field crops, industrial crops, and feed crops continue to manage the pandemic process successfully by carrying on with its facility and field activities without interruptions while protecting its personnel‟s health. 

MAY Seed Systems Director Nuran Eker said the following on the precautions they took as a company during Covid 19 process: “As MAY Seed we started our infrastructure activities in February when news about spreading of the pandemic to the World started to be received. Under coordination of our Occupational Health Safety Unit and Human Resources Team, we continued to follow developments and carry on with relevant comprehensive protective activities. As a company we have always cared primarily about the health and safety of our personnel and their families in addition to our partners. For this reason, we started to publish regular hygiene announcements before the pandemic reached serious levels. Without discriminating between blue and white collar personnel we defined our potential risks and arranged spot training with our occupational doctor to create a general awareness in this context. At the end of February, we started taking macro level precautions when Covid-19 started to spread to neighboring countries. We promptly shared Ministry of Health announcements with all our personnel and supplied all our locations across the country with hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves. We raised the level of precaution at our international shipments, ensured truck drivers have personal protective equipment and are admitted with controlled process, we assigned tyvek coveralls, masks, and gloves to our shipping team”. 

“We are aware of the strategic importance of agricultural production in the process of pandemic” 

Nuran Eker also touched upon the importance of agricultural production and the precautions taken in the process of pandemic and continued by saying: “While we were taking our precautions we continued and are still continuing with our breeding, production, and shipment of seeds to regions by taking protections in working conditions, aware of the strategic importance of agricultural production for our country. Our sales and technical support team working on the field did their best to be on the side of our sales channels and producers by keeping as much distance as they could and by using personal protective equipment when they had to make field visits. These days when we start the normalization process we continue with our field activities by taking necessary precautions. Our R&D and production teams continue their activities by taking required personal protective measures and ensuring the social distance. We minimized contact at our labs and facilities where active employment must continue by introducing employment in turns. We are resolutely continuing with our activities without interruption thinking there are better days ahead of us both as a country and as a company.”   

Source: TÜRKTED Seed News, April – June 2020

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