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Malatya cuisine and gastronomy attracted great attention to the Gastro Show, which opened its doors to visitors with the slogan of 7 Cities, 7 Regions, 7 Countries in Istanbul. Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Oğuzhan Ata Sadıkoğlu said that Malatya apricots were exported to 115 countries and foreign currency inflow of up to 1 billion dollars was provided to the country.

Malatya apricot

Sadıkoğlu said, “An official application has been made for Malatya to be included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of gastronomy. Malatya cuisine and gastronomy deserves to go beyond the borders and open up to the world.”

The Gastro Show event, which was held in partnership with the Tourism Media Group and the Gastronomy Tourism Association (GTD) and opened its doors to its visitors yesterday, has turned into a race of cities and cuisines in Istanbul. The Malatya stand, which was established within the scope of the event, which hosted a wide range of exhibitor and visitor profiles from different segments of the gastronomy industry with the motto “7 Cities, 7 Regions, 7 Countries”, attracted great attention from the visitors.

Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Oğuzhan Ata Sadıkoğlu also noted that the stand, where many local flavours of Malatya, especially Malatya apricot with EU geographical indication certificate, were promoted and served, was full up.

Malatya cuisine

Sadıkoğlu concluded that they offer different and delicious products such as Malatya paper kebab, cherry leaf meatballs, stuffed meatballs, aubergine pan, Malatya cookies, Malatya cheese, apricot kernel coffee to the visitors at the Malatya stand, adding that they are one of the provinces with rich cuisine in Turkey.

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