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Mad honey production starts!

The production period of mad honey obtained from rhododendron grown in the Black Sea Region has started. Mad honey is a special type of honey that has been the subject of films and has many benefits. Production is expected to be good this season.

Mad honey is obtained by bees taking nectar from the “rhododendron”, which grows in the coastal part of the Black Sea Region and blooms for 15-20 days a year.

Mad honey was also featured in the 2009 film Sherlock Holmes, as well as in the 2023 film “Murder in Venice”, adapted from Agatha Christie’s novel “The Snake Bit the Apple”.

“We think production will be good this season”

Cem Başar, Head of Kastamonu Beekeepers’ Association, said that the region has a dense cover of rhododendron.

Cem Başar

Pointing out that there are factors limiting mad honey production such as precipitation and climatic conditions, Başar said, “When precipitation is high, production decreases. This season precipitation is low, we think production will be good. The production of mad honey is limited. There is an annual production of around a few tonnes in Kastamonu province.”

Referring to the benefits of mad honey, Başar added, “Mad honey is beneficial for stomach diseases, digestive system, skeletal structure. Some doctors recommend hypertension patients to use it. Mad honey has the feature of lowering pulse and blood pressure in general. It shows its effect within 10-15 minutes after eating. The important thing here is to consume it on doctor’s advice.”

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