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Turkish Grain Board (TMO) stated in its report that the low level of productivity in Turkey also has a negative impact on profitability

The Hazelnut Sector Report prepared by the institution included problems in the sector and solution suggestions.

In order to obtain more and higher quality products from the unit area, it is necessary to implement competitive and sustainable hazelnut farming, where productivity is prioritize and to develop good agricultural practices for yield and quality in hazelnut.

Depending on the climatic conditions, the problem of supply surplus may also come up with the expansion of production areas. In order to increase export income in hazelnut, it is important to invest in hazelnut inputs and industrial products with high added value.

Negative effect on producers…

While most of the hazelnut producers reside in big cities, this causes hazelnut gardens to be neglected, not to fight pests and to decrease the quality and efficiency in production.

In addition, these producers supply their harvested products to the market in a short time and at low prices. As a result, there is a large supply of hazelnuts in the market, causing prices to fall.

This affects only producers who make their living from hazelnut. In order to prevent the occurrence of conditions that may occur against the real producer, the support systems should be arranged in favour of the real producers instead of those who see the hazelnuts as additional income.

Besides the separation of the production lands into smaller pieces for various reasons, especially through inheritance, affects the efficiency and effectiveness of hazelnut production.

It is suggested to increase the potential markets for hazelnuts and to conduct target country oriented market researches. It is important to increase the promotion activities for new markets, to differentiate and diversify them according to the countries.

Nuts consumption is often realized as an appetizer across Turkey. However it is necessary to take into consideration of consumer-oriented production models in order to increase the consumption of hazelnut and its products along with consumption of hazelnut oil, hazelnut chocolates other products.

Licensed warehousing should be encouraged…

The lack of warehouse infrastructure in hazelnut stands out as a problem. In this context, it is important to encourage all institutions and organizations to activate licensed warehousing.

With the spread of licensed warehousing, safe, insured and healthy storage opportunities will be provided and this will direct the producers to produce higher quality products.

The producer will have the opportunity to sell the product at the time when he thinks that the prices are the highest, thereby creating many advantages such as the sale of the value of the hazelnut.

It is necessary to attach importance to R&D, advertising and marketing activities for full and semi-finished products produced by the sector, to increase the promotion activities for the promotion of manufactured products at home and abroad and to go for branding by highlighting Turkish hazelnuts in processed products.

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