This is a summary of the report prepared by Chamber of Agricultural Engineers (ZMO) just before the Feast of Qurban in Turkey…

· Officially in Turkey’s history, firstly in 2010 and then 2011, 2017 and 2018 sacrificials were imported.

· In 2018, 866 thousand cattle and 2 million 682 thousand sheep were slaughtered.

· The number of cattle slaughtered during the Feast of Sacrifice is approximately four months and the number of sheep slaughtered in one and a half years.

· Around 10 million animals are slaughtered annually and our red meat production is over 1 million tons. 55 percent of the slaughtered animals are sheep, 14 percent are goats and 31 percent are cattle.

· If it is accepted that all production is consumed, our red meat consumption per person is 13.84 kg. This amount does not include 4-5 million refugees.

· While the year of 1960 was taken as an indicator, there has been a 13 percent decrease in the total number of animals.

· The number of goats in 1961 with 24,632,208, the number of sheep in 49,636,000 in 1982, the number of cattle in 2018 with 17,042,506, the number of buffaloes reached the highest amount in 1968 with 1,257,000.

· Imports of animals were negligible until the mid-1980s, but increased significantly between 1985-1995 and 2010.

· In the last four and a half years, 3.35 million cattle have been imported for approximately 4 billion dollars.

· 42 percent of cattle imports in 2018 and 66 percent in the first half of 2019 were made from Brazil.

· The number of cattle imported in the first six months of 2019 is higher than that of our 64 provinces and the total number of cattle in Bartın, Karabük, Hakkari, Bilecik, Siirt, Tunceli, Yalova, Kilis and Rize provinces.

· The number of sheep imported in the first half of 2019 is higher than the number of sheep in Sakarya, Bayburt, Gümüşhane, Yalova, Karabük, Zonguldak, Düzce, Rize and Bartın.

· In the last four and a half years 765 thousand sheep were imported and 110 million dollars were paid.

· The implementation of neo-liberal policies after 1980 has made Turkey, which has a self-sufficient production structure in agricultural production, an importing country. Today, red meat and sacrificial needs are being imported.

· There are about one and a half billion cattle in the world, of which 215 million (14 percent) are in Brazil and 185 million (12 percent) are in India. In 2016, approximately 10 million cattle were imported.

· There are 1.2 billion sheep in the world, 161 million (13 percent) in China, 72 million (6 percent) in Australia and 63 million (5 percent) in India. In 2016, approximately 17 million sheep were imported.

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