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The production of lily (Iris florentina), which is shown among the high-yielding medicinal aromatic plants, has been started in Edirne province of Turkey.

Adnan Tülek

It is stated that there is no market problem in Turkey and that the lily used in the cosmetics industry earns at least 30 times more by spending less time than wheat planted in the same size.

Director of Thrace Agricultural Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Assoc. Dr. Adnan Tülek said that lily bulbs obtained from lily producer Ramazan Lekesiz in Yozgat region were brought together with soil in the institute’s trial garden in Karaağaç District.

Tülek noted that they want to expand the production of lily in Edirne and said, “Our aim is to produce rootstock material, to carry out the second production in a chain in agriculture chambers and stock markets, and then to make production in large areas by our farmers.”

Tülek explained that the place where the lily plant is used is its tubers and added:

“It is estimated that the tubers will reach the desired yield in two or three years. In this context, we can grow lily among medicinal plants, we do not think that there will be any ecological problems. Because it is a plant that grows in the European belt. We will conduct the trial studies here, we will obtain the tubers quickly and then distribute them to the farmers.”

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