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When Are Hazelnuts Collected? Which Month/Season Is The Hazelnut Harvest Time?

Hazelnut is one of the most consumed nuts in Türkiye. It grows mostly in the Black Sea Region of the country and there are many questions about growing hazelnuts in the minds of growers. Some of these questions are “When are hazelnuts harvested? When is the hazelnut harvest time?” are such questions. We have compiled the answers to these questions of producers and those who are curious.

Hazelnut is a nut that has many benefits for the human body. Although it may seem easy to grow this berry, there are some points to be considered. According to the hazelnut variety, their care is also different. If the hazelnut is well taken care of, it will bear fruit in a healthy way. It usually begins to bear fruit in the month of August.


Hazelnut is a favourite dried fruit of all of us, belonging to the birch family. Hazelnut has many benefits for the human body too. Appropriate picking time is an important factor in obtaining high fruit quality in hazelnuts. There are many varieties of hazelnuts and some of them mature early and some mature late. Since the ripening times of these different varieties are different, the picking times are also different. Hazelnut harvest starts after 1-10 August in the coastal (coastal) part of the Black Sea Region, after 10-20 August in the middle part and after 20 August in the higher parts.


After the hazelnuts mature, they should be collected without waiting too long. Collecting hazelnuts on time is an important step in determining hazelnut quality. It will be good for hazelnut quality not to wait for the hazelnut after it has matured. There are 2 methods to collect hazelnuts easily. The first of these methods; shaking the hazelnut, the second one, is to collect hazelnut kernels by hand. After the hazelnuts are collected, they should not be kept in sacks for a long time.


To grow hazelnuts, first of all, it is necessary to plant them. The planting time of hazelnut seedlings is spring. Hazelnut seedlings can be planted in spring or autumn. After 4-5 years of giving enough water and taking care of it, the hazelnuts will start to bear fruit. The hazelnut collection time is in August…

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