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While it is estimated that the rains, which are effective from time to time in the Konya Plain, which is known as the granary of Turkiye, will contribute positively to the surge in yield, though the effective hail rains in some districts locally damaged the cultivated crops.

In Konya province, where 67 percent of its area is used as agricultural land, this year’s rains make the farmers smile compared to previous periods. Rainfall, which has been effective in the Central Anatolia Region, left its place to hail from time to time in some regions locally. In the Çumra district, which was particularly affected by the hail, damage assessment studies continue. It is estimated that the hail has caused 10-60% damage in these areas.

Burak Kırkgöz

Burak Kırkgöz, Head of Konya Branch of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, stating that the last rains will increase the yield more than last year, said, “Currently, around 65 percent of grains are cultivated in Konya region. It rained seriously. Spring rains continued for a bit more. These will boost the yield when you look at it compared to the previous year.”

“The drought experienced in the previous year seriously damaged our farmers. Such that we had farmers who never entered their fields with a harvester. But the current situation seems that the harvest will increase a bit more,” he added…

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