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Türkiye’s one of the most prominent agriculture fairs, held annually in central Konya, is set to see TL 1.5 billion ($136 million) in sales this year.

Ilhan Ersözlü, the general manager of TÜYAP Fairs Yapım Inc., has emphasized the crucial role the agricultural fair will play in contributing to the country’s economy this year.

The fair, currently being held for the 19th time at the KTO-TÜYAP International Fair Center from March 14-18, has attracted 474 exhibitors from 20 countries.

Ersözlü told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the event provides an exceptional opportunity for Türkiye’s most prominent manufacturers and exporters to showcase their products to the world market. The fair exhibits various products, including tractors, combine harvesters, agricultural mechanization, harvesting machines, plant nutrition, irrigation systems, livestock equipment and innovative agriculture applications.

The event’s sustainability is essential, and Ersözlü hopes that the fair will continue to grow in popularity and importance.

This year, the fair spans 100,000 square meters (1.08 million square feet), including six halls, a foyer and an outdoor area. Approximately 5,000 visitors from 100 countries and five continents are expected to attend the fair, along with 230,000 domestic visitors from almost every province in Türkiye, totaling around 235,000.

Ersözlü stated that last year’s fair generated approximately TL 1 billion in sales, while this year’s fair is expected to reach TL 1.5 billion.

Moreover, Ersözlü projected that the fair would contribute to around 15% of the annual export of agricultural machinery.

Konya is recognized as Türkiye’s hub in the production of agricultural machinery, and the region is crucial for the surrounding geography.

According to Ersözlü, 60% of machinery exports in Konya consist of agricultural machinery, and 10% of Türkiye’s exports come from Konya.

The Konya Agricultural Fair is ranked No. 1 among agriculture fairs in Türkiye and one of the region’s top three fairs. Additionally, it is the largest annual fair in Europe.

Ersözlü emphasized that the five-day fair period was necessary, as participants could make many important business deals. In addition, he noted that businesspeople from different regions place orders with new visitors and connections from South America, the Asia Pacific and Africa.

Moreover, Ersözlü highlighted that the fair showcased innovations and intelligent farming techniques for the first time, making it even more appealing to visitors, exhibitors and the people of Konya. He added that this annual event had become an anticipated occasion, and everyone looked forward to it every year.

Ersözlü noted that the Konya Agricultural Fair also significantly impacts the city’s dynamics. The hotels are fully occupied, and shopping centers and the Mevlana Museum welcome visitors from many places in the city, contributing to the trade in the fair center and the town’s economy. Therefore, it is an essential fair regarding economic and social impacts.


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