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Black Sea Agricultural Research Institute Director Assoc. Dr. Kibar Ak, in his written statement, said that Turkey’s annual 20 million tonnes of wheat production consists of 2.6 percent of world production and Turkey is a self-sufficient country in this respect.

Pointing out that the contribution of domestic and national varieties developed as a result of agricultural R&D activities to the country’s economy, Dr. Ak noted:

“Our institute is an important stakeholder contributing to the country’s economy by developing new varieties with the breeding activities it carries out in its area of ​​responsibility. Up to today, 6 wheat and one type of barley varieties have been registered within the scope of bread wheat improvement studies carried out by agricultural engineer Hasan Orhan Bayramoğlu, Cemal Şermet and Yavuz Balmuk. Özcan, Sakin and Canik2003 bread wheat varieties, which were developed in the early 2000s with completely local and national facilities, have been cultivated by the farmers of our region for years. Our institute, which has registered serious success with Altındane and Nevzatbey bread wheat varieties registered in 2012 and 2014, reaches our producers throughout the country.”

Stating that the Altındane variety is the highest quality variety in the Central Anatolia Region, which is called “wheat warehouse”, Dr. Ak added, “Finally, our new domestic and national bread wheat variety has been registered under the name of ‘Kirve’. Kirve has a high yield and quality value. Kirve is recommended for coastal Black Sea Region, Southern Marmara, Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions.”

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