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Kınık Mayor Dr. Sadık Doğruer came together with the producers and companies at the Tomato Field Day, which was held due to the Harvest Festival.

Mayor Doğruer shared the good news that an application has been made to the Turkish Patent Institute for the geographical registration of the Kınık tomato.

Dr. Sadık Doğruer

During the programme organized on the Tomato Field Day due to the Harvest Festival in Kınık (a district of İzmir province), Mayor of Kınık Dr. Sadık Doğruer, Kınık District Governor Erol Türkmen, Gendarmerie Commander Oral Kaymak, industrial type dried tomato producers and companies came together.

In the event, information about tomato production and cultivation, which is one of the main income sources of the Kınık economy, was given and the history of tomato, its effects on public health and its contribution to the region were explained.

Stating how important Kınık’s fertile lands are now not only for the district, but also for regional development with the investments made, Dr. Doğruer said, “Our district of Kınık is now of great agricultural importance for both Bakırçay region and İzmir. We have to work harder and produce more. I wish a fruitful harvest this year to our farmers who grow tomatoes, cotton, corn, watermelons, melons and peppers in our district and the region.”

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