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Partnership aims to inspire Turkish young people to join the fight against inequality and climate change

Ankara, 4 January 2022 – Popular Turkish cartoon character King Shakir and his friends are urging young people to make the world a greener, healthier and more equitable place through a campaign launched this week by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The campaign is designed to introduce children and their parents to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and build support for the fight against inequality and climate change.

King Shakir is a Turkish TV cartoon created by Varol Yaşaroğlu, along with the creative works of Berk Tokay and Haluk Can Dizdaroğlu and produced by Grafi2000 for Cartoon Network Turkey. The series follows the adventures of the lion Shakir and his friends and family. It was launched in 2016 as Cartoon Network Turkey’s first local series. Since then, the TV cartoon series has aired in more than 20 countries in many languages, reaching millions of children across Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

The TV series has tackled a range of sustainable development challenges, including climate action, recycling, responsible consumption, gender equality, biodiversity and healthy lifestyles.

“To have any hope of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, we need the energy, creativity and determination of the generation that is not yet grown but which has the most to lose from climate change,” said UNDP Resident Representative Louisa Vinton. “King Shakir is a natural partner in our efforts to encourage young people to join the fight to end poverty, ensure boys and girls grow up with equal opportunities and protect our beautiful planet.”

“We know that children and young people are some of the world’s most passionate advocates on issues that matter to them. We must continue to find new ways to empower them to help achieve a world free from the worst effects of climate change, inequality and injustice. It’s an honour and privilege for King Shakir to support UNDP in its efforts to achieve the Global Goals,” said Varol Yaşaroğlu, the creator of the popular cartoon character.

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