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Kilis olive oil promotion meeting, organized by the Governorship of Kilis with the support of Silkroad Development Agency (İKA), was held in Istanbul.

Kilis Governor and İpekyolu Development Agency Chair of the Board of Directors Recep Soytürk, Kilis Mayor Servet Ramazan, İpekyolu Development Agency Secretary General Dr. Burhan Akyılmaz and Kilis Provincial Director of Agriculture Mehmet Nuri Kökçüoğlu attended.

Recep Soytürk Kilis Valisi oldu - Medyabar
Recep Soytürk

Speaking at the meeting held with the slogan “We are Tasting the Harvest”, Kilis Governor and Silkroad Development Agency Chair of the Board of Directors Soytürk stated that the decisions taken to increase the quality of Kilis olive oil were implemented in the factories and said, “We warned beforehand ‘The olives brought to the factory will not have stones, mud and the olives will not be moldy.’ None of us had the right to reduce the quality of our products. With this understanding, our product quality has reached very high levels.”

Reminding that Kilis olive oil received an award from Germany, Soytürk noted, “Our olive oil association won the second place in a Turkey-wide competition. Our association was selling that olive oil for 20 liras but after the competition they started selling it for 100 liras.”

“Our olive oil received 8 awards from the world in this process. The countries we obtained awards are Spain, London, Japan, Italy… Who did it? Kilis olive oil! This year, we are at a much more important stage,” he added…

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