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Kazım Taycı: We have a target of 14 billion dollars as cereals, pulses, oilseeds and products exporters

Exports of cereals and pulses exceeded 2 billion dollars in the first 2 months!

Cereals, pulses, oilseeds and products sector exports in Türkiye in February reached 1 billion 51 million dollars, while İHBİR’s exports amounted to 333 million dollars.

Kazım Taycı


Kazım Taycı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Istanbul Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association (İHBİR), evaluated the announced figures and emphasised that the biggest factor in the increase in exports is market diversity.

Stating that they are focusing on the USA and Far East countries, Taycı said, “We do not want to lose our place on the shelf in the markets we have been holding on to for many years in exports, but we have a very difficult time to protect these markets. We can even make negative pricing at the point of profitability.”

“In order to protect our existing markets, we need all kinds of incentives that the authority can give to the producer exporter in line with the export share it has made. We need support within the scope of fairs, trade delegations, sectoral visits that we will participate in order to continue the rise in exports and enter new markets,” Taycı noted.


In 2024, Taycı shared the information that the trainings for the promotion and marketing activities of the products they have determined abroad, export and R&D will continue and added, “In 2024, we have an export target of 14 billion dollars in Türkiye in general and 4 billion dollars in İHBİR. We will continue to visit different countries of the world with our suitcase in one hand and samples of the products we produce in the other hand. We will control the market not from a desk, but by visiting the field, seeing it in place, sitting face to face with the customer and making sales.”

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