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Jak Eskinazi: Turkish Tastes TURQUALITY Project increased demand for Turkish food in the US market

Press release…

Türkiye aims to export 265 billion dollars in 2024. In order to reach this target, Turkish exporters are increasing their marketing activities in line with the Ministry of Trade’s Far Countries Strategy. The Aegean Exporters’ Associations will organise general trade missions to Canada in September and to the USA in November.

Jak Eskinazi

Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EIB), which has been working for 85 years to ramp up Türkiye’s exports, will bring together Turkish exporters and Canadian importers in a general trade delegation in Montreal, Canada between 22-24 September 2024.

The next stop of the Aegean Exporters’ Associations in the American continent in 2024 will be the USA/Los Angeles between 12-16 November 2024. In Los Angeles, EİB will bring together all exporter sectors and US importers in the General Qualified Trade Delegation.

Underlining that they act in coordination with the Ministry of Trade and the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM) in the General Qualified Trade Delegation organisations to Canada and the United States of America, EIB Coordinator Chair Jak Eskinazi stated that they are working towards the goal of growing the foreign trade volume between Türkiye and the United States of America to 100 billion dollars.

“In addition to the US General Qualified Trade Delegation, we have been carrying out the TURQUALITY Project named Turkish Tastes for 4 years to boost the awareness and export of Turkish food products in the US market. Our food exports to the USA, which were at the level of 1 billion dollars in the years when our project started, have reached 2 billion dollars today,” he said.

“New York Fancy Food Show Food Fair and Natural Products Expo West Fair in California are the fairs that we organise Türkiye’s National Participation. According to 2023 data, we invite all exporters who want to grow in the US market, whose annual imports exceed 2 trillion dollars, to take part in our event,” he added…

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