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Jak Eskinazi: Our exporters have the potential to export much more!

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EIB’s exports in January approached 1.5 billion dollars…

Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EIB) made a successful entry into the second century of the Turkish republic. In January, EIB’s exports surged by 4.1 percent from 1 billion 429 million dollars to 1 billion 488 million dollars. The exports of the Aegean Exporters’ Associations for the last 1 year totalled 18 billion 310 million dollars.

Jak Eskinazi

Eskinazi; “Turkish exporters have the power to export more”

Jak Eskinazi, Coordinator Chair of the Aegean Exporters’ Associations, stated that despite the recession in the European Union, Türkiye’s largest export market and other strong economies and the economic problems arising from the country’s own dynamics, Türkiye and EIB’s export growth rate of 4 percent in January 2024 was thanks to the dedication of exporters.

Eskinazi also underlined that Türkiye’s exports have the potential to easily reach double-digit hikes if the problem of high inflation and low exchange rate in the Turkish economy is solved.

Pointing out that Türkiye’s export targets are 302.2 billion dollars for the end of 2026 and 400 billion dollars for 2028, Eskinazi said, “As Turkish exporters, we intensively participate in TURQUALITY and URGE Projects supported by our Ministry of Trade for more value-added production and export. We focus on marketing with fairs, trade delegations and procurement delegations. In January, we held many fairs, sectoral trade delegations and procurement delegations.”

“In 2024, we will organise national participation in 13 fairs. We are currently planning 13 sectoral trade delegations, which will increase during the year. If we aim for export-led growth, the current exchange rates do not support this growth. If the pressure on exchange rates is removed, we will reach and even exceed the export targets,” Eskinazi noted.

“In January, Türkiye’s overall exports soared by 3.6 percent from 19.3 billion dollars to 20 billion 28 million dollars. The country carried its exports to 256.4 billion dollars in the last 1-year period,” Eskinazi added…

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