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Press release…

Coronavirus demonstrated the importance of agriculture…

The first guest of the online press conferences organized by the Economic Correspondents’ Association (EMD) Izmir Branch via the Zoom application was Jak Eskinazi, Head of the Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EIB).

While 25 economic reporters attended the meeting, the agenda and sectors related issues were discussed.

Our only export item giving positive sign is agriculture…

Stating that the agriculture sector is the strongest in terms of export during the coronavirus epidemic process, Eskinazi said, “Not only us, but also other countries have understood how strategic agriculture is through coronavirus. In fact, the only export item that gives a surplus to our exports is agricultural exports. In this respect, we should pay more attention to agriculture in the future.”

“Necessary steps will be taken”

Pointing out that the post-epidemic governments will review all of their policies, Eskinazi noted, “The necessary steps will be taken to enable us to review our agricultural policies and become a country that comes to the fore in agriculture.

“Epidemic process showed us that Turkey is in a much better position compared to other countries in terms of food. However, in this period, some export restrictions may be held regarding some products that are needed domestically.” Eskinazi added…

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