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Press release…

İZLADAŞ Laboratory, R&D and Consultancy Services Inc., established with 100 percent capital of Izmir Commodity Exchange and started operations in 2014, continues to prove being the best cotton fiber analysis laboratory in the world.

İZLADAŞ started to operate on December 31, 2014 by obtaining an authorized classifier license in cotton with the permission granted by the Ministry of Trade. İZLADAŞ, as the first and only authorized laboratory classifier across Turkey in cotton keeps getting primeness.

Having participated in the ICA-Bremen Cotton Round Test since 2014, İZLADAŞ tests the measurement competencies of fibre analysis devices in two different organizations with its participation in CSITC Round Test.

İZLADAŞ first participated in the cotton fibre analysis laboratories comparison study (Round Trials) organized by CSITC (Commercial Standardization of Instrument Testing of Cotton), a subsidiary of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), in 2017.

İZLADAS, which has achieved significant success until today, also came first in the second phase of 2020. Thus, İZLADAŞ has taken the first place twice in a row in the CSITC study conducted in 2020 and maintained its stability in the measurement competence of fibre analysis devices with a total of four firsts since 2017.

İZLADAŞ also participated in the comparison test, which included 49 laboratories and 87 devices from 31 countries, with its four devices and attained 100 full points by taking measurement results within 100 percent tolerance value in all features. İZLADAŞ ranked first in the world with Selçuk Branch Laboratory with a score of 0.17.

İZLADAŞ continues its operations in 3 locations under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkey and İzmir Central Laboratory, Belevi-Selçuk Branch laboratory and Şanlıurfa Branch laboratory.

İZLADAŞ serves mainly to members of Izmir Commodity Exchange and provides services to Aegean Agricultural Products Licensed Warehousing Inc. (ELİDAŞ), Şanlıurfa Cotton Licensed Warehousing Inc. (PAMLİDAŞ) and stock exchanges, universities, research institutions, textile and ginning factories along with many institutions and organizations such as seed companies.

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