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Interfresh Eurasia Fruit and Vegetable Fair to be held in Antalya

İzmir – The presentation of Interfresh Eurasia Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Storage and Logistics Fair, which will be held between 16-19 October 2019 by AntExpo A.Ş., carried out in İzmir

Hayrettin Uçak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ege Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, Vice Chairman Cengiz Balık and Murat Ödül, Vice Chairman of Board of Directors of Antexpo A.Ş. Uğur Fora, General Manager of AntExpo A.Ş. Murat Özer and Aegean exporters joined the meeting.

AntExpo Board Member Uğur Fora said in his speech at the meeting that InterfreshEuraisa Fair, which was the first in Antalya last year, should not only be seen as a commercial shopping.

Fora said, ”We are planning to make Turkey and Antalya the meeting point of all the stakeholders in this geographical region.What we aim is to turn Interfresh Eurasia Fair into an renowned international organization.”

He pointed out that the previously held fresh fruit and vegetable fairs in the sector have not been successful, therefore AntExpo A.Ş has determined the mistakes in the past and decided to organize this fair which includes the fresh fruit and vegetable sector stakeholders again.

Stating that they are working on bringing in purchasing delegations from abroad to the Interfresh Euraisa Fair, “Purchasing delegation from more than 30 countries will participate in the fair which will be held between 16-19 October 2019 in Antalya” Fora explained.

”Interfresh Eurasia Fair represents all parts of the sector from seed to table, irrigation, breeding and consumption until the last stage. We want to become an international meeting point. Last year, more than 15 thousand professional visitors participated in the fair. One thousand 500 delegates and visitors from 26 countries participated. Participation in the second fair will increase by 15 percent more” Fora concluded.


Hayrettin Uçak, stating that they will be supporting Interfresh Eurasia to be held in Antalya this year, continued as follows:
“About 54 million tons of vegetables and fruits are produced annually in our country. 4.5 million tons of this production is exported. In 2018, we brought in 2 billion 326 million dollars of foreign exchange to our country. As the fresh fruit and vegetable sector of Turkey, we have the potential to export 20 percent of our production. International fairs are one of the important tools used by our exporters in order to reach this potential and the export target of 5 billion dollars which we put forward as fresh fruit and vegetable sector for 2023.”

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