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India and Singapore are waiting for Turkish food products…

After Covid-19, demand for Turkish food products rises. India, the second most populous country in the world and Singapore from the most important trade centers of the world demand Turkish food products.

Aegean Exporters ‘Associations (EİB) brought together Trade Consultants and exporters working in India and Singapore under the moderation of the Secretary General of EİB.

Speaking at the meeting, EIB Coordinator Chairman Jak Eskinazi noted that after Covid-19, there was no drop in demand for food products worldwide and that exports of agricultural products reached 45 percent of the exports of EIB in April with 819 million dollars.

Eskinazi added that they started working to organize the Virtual Trade Delegation Organization and Virtual Food Fair for the food sector in order for the flavours of the Aegean Region to be more demanded worldwide.

New Delhi Trade Counselors Aysun Ergezer Timur and Ali Özdin, Mumbai Trade Attaché Hüseyin Aydın and Singapore Trade Consultant Müge Dağlı Durukan attended the video conference entitled “Coronavirus Outbreak in Our Target Markets-4” and explained the change in Covid-19 process in India and Singapore.

Timur: Our companies should well use of virtual environment

Underlining that India has an economic size of 2.9 trillion dollars, New Delhi Trade Consultant Aysun Ergezer Timur said, “We need to direct our route to India more and more. There is a great potential. People will not be able to touch each other in this process. Their identity in the virtual environment will be coming to the fore. In this period, we must develop virtual trade. I believe that the economy will follow a positive trend in India.”

Aydın: India is a more remote country in our minds

Defining the Indian market as a virgin market for Turkish companies, Mumbai Trade Attaché Hüseyin Aydın expressed his evaluation as follows:

“Our companies consider India as an alternative market. Although distance flights between India and Turkey about 6-6.5 hours, much more distance flight in our people’s minds. This is an indication for lack of perception. Our companies wishing to do business in this market need to think of medium term.”

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