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The pasta industry is having a hard time due to the export restriction, which was introduced on December 17, 2020 and will last until April 30, in order to prevent the increase in inflation.

In the first three months of the year after the restriction, 275 thousand tonnes of pasta amounting to 150 million dollars were exported, while the loss reached 21 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

Turkey which exports two-thirds of its pasta production to 156 countries, ranks third in production and second in exports across the world. Last year, approximately 800 million dollars of pasta was exported, while industry representatives say that they anticipate that this year to be completed with 600 million dollars.

Indicating that along with rising exports of durum wheat production in Turkey that meets the demand and imports in recent years, Chairperson of the Pasta Industrialists Association of Turkey Abdülkadir Külahçıoğlu, said, “It is required to import wheat in order to produce and export pasta.”

Noting that there are no problems with domestic consumption at the moment, Külahçıoğlu stated that the permanent solution to the restriction on pasta export is the production of pasta from different raw materials.

“There is a limitation for the pasta in Turkey to be manufactured from durum wheat only. Such a practise may remain in Turkey. However we want to pave the way for the production from different raw materials for export only to certain countries. Now, technology has also developed and market demands and competitive conditions are forcing the sector to this. Pasta can be made from corn, peas, legumes and rice. In many countries, pasta made of 100 percent soft wheat are used,” Külahçıoğlu added.

“We demand that 100 percent soft wheat pasta be allowed to be produced for Africa, South America, Iraq and Syria. Because in those markets, this product is consumed as 100 percent soft wheat. In 80 percent of our export markets, there is mainly pasta made of soft wheat. We cannot get enough of these markets. If this paves the way and the import condition is imposed again, there will be no problem.” Külahçıoğlu concluded…

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