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İlter Avşar, one of the important names in the world of gastronomy, branded the traditional dish of the Kars-Ardahan region, goose meat. Businessperson İlter Avşar, who opened up to Europe with the “Avşar Kaz Tandır” brand, is now introducing new flavours to the world of gastronomy.

İlter Avşar, who draws attention with “Kazmacun”, which is a lahmacun made from goose meat; it brings together dessert, pita, soup and ravioli with goose meat.

The success of İlter Avşar, who made the Kars goose to be known and increased its consumption, entered the radar of European entrepreneurs. 20 businessmen from Germany, Italy, France and Kazakhstan made an offer to open a branch with the “Avşar Kaz Tandır” brand. İlter Avşar, who does not compromise on the local flavour he has branded and therefore not taking risks by branching out, does not take kindly to offers for now.


The success of İlter Avşar, who participated in various programmes to introduce the Kars goose to the world and added colour to the gastronomy world with the different flavours in his restaurant, made the producers smile not only in Kars province but also in other cities.

İlter Avşar said, “With our prestigious work, producers have increased significantly in Kars-Ardahan region only in the last 5 years. There have been those who lived in Istanbul, returned to their hometown and set up a goose farm. In this sense, I know that there are at least 15-20 entrepreneurs and I support them as well.”

“I continue to be a leader. However, goose production has increased in places such as Elazığ, Afyon, Kayseri, Thrace and Edirne. These producers mostly use the European market. This market has grown considerably in other regions,” he added…

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