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Mine Ataman, founder of the Seed Platform, said that if no action is taken, climate change will cause great damage to the agricultural sector and agricultural production. Suggesting that many crops will not be able to be produced in the next 10 years if this situation continues, Ataman also stated that the way to plan in agriculture and reduce risks is through the use of technology. Ataman shared her prediction that if the agriculture 5.0 is not adopted under these conditions, the bread now sold around 1.5 liras will rise to 5 liras!

Evaluating the effects of climate change on the agricultural sector to a group of journalists, Mine Ataman said that Turkey is among the countries most affected by climate change. Expressing that the increasing input costs are reflected in the food prices, Ataman stressed that the farmers still do not receive the return of their labor and they are most frightened by the uncertainty and unplannedness.

Indicating that many crops will become ‘not to be able to produce’ in the next 10 years if no precautions are taken, Ataman clarified, “Many species such as citrus, vegetables, fruits, hazelnuts, cherries will not be produced due to changes in temperature, precipitation amount and time and sunshine duration.”

She also emphasized that frost events in spring due to the changing of the seasons, heavy rainfall and storms in summer negatively affect the vegetable production concentrated in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Underlining that important work is being done in agriculture, Ataman noted that these are generally focused on saving the day and warned that if the meeting of agriculture and technology cannot be achieved, the prices in the domestic market will increase frighteningly. Saying that the export market will also be lost at the same time, Ataman said that the only way to reduce risks is to use technology and agriculture 5.0.

The biggest investment in the future is measuring!

“Agriculture is like an equation with many unknowns, the data of soil, plant, water all affect the entire industry. In this sense, collecting all data in a large pool is very important in terms of creating a long-term strategy. Developed countries in agriculture collect information such as humidity, heat, salt and temperature in a pool called the ‘ocean’ through sensors, as well as data from satellites. These are made sense by artificial intelligence and conveyed to all stakeholders of agriculture and that the sector is directed in the short and long term,” added Ataman.

Solar panels reduce the need for water…

Pointing out that agricultural production in the area under the ever-increasing use of solar panels reduces the need for water and increases productivity, Ataman explained, “The system that will enable the machines used in agriculture to talk to each other should be installed as soon as possible. So I would like to emphasize the importance of providing special support to entrepreneurs working on agricultural technologies, With the use of technology, productivity increases by 20 percent and fuel consumption is reduced by 20 percent. On the other hand the perception of natural and organic products, which has increased in recent days, was created without taking food safety into account, That’s why with the fact that not every natural product is safe and traceability of all products is only possible with technology.”

Drawing attention that farmers should be supported with technology planned with Agriculture 5.0, Ataman concluded, “Multinational companies produce less variety and affordable products. Therefore, unhealthy people with a uniform diet emerge. If the small farmers, who make 80 percent of the production in Turkey, are not supported with technology, multinational companies will direct our agriculture and create a monopoly.”

Source: By Hüseyin Gökçe, Dünya Daily

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