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Idle capacity in Turkish flour industry reaches almost 50 percent!

Wheat production in Türkiye was 22 million tonnes last year. This year, this production is expected to surge. The abundant and accessible raw material for the sector, which ramps up wheat production every year, plays an important role both in the smooth realisation of the product supply in the domestic market and in increasing the market range and quantity in exports.

In Türkiye, 598 flour factories in 69 provinces have an annual production capacity of approximately 32 million tonnes. Capacity utilisation of the sector hovers around 50 percent. Exports constitute the main trade branch that feeds the capacity utilisation.

Although there is no official data on the production of the flour industry, it is estimated to have produced over 15 million tonnes in 2023. In order to mobilise idle capacity, it is emphasised that the formation of new markets as well as support and improvements in production costs will pave the way for the sector.

The sector pioneers changing consumption habits…

Today, it is seen that the change in the flour sector is not only in consumption habits but also in production methods. Today, factories have started to produce with artificial intelligence. The Turkish flour industry has the ability to produce flour according to the needs of the entire bakery sector and the tastes of the countries to which it exports. Beyond adapting, the sector is also the pioneer of changing consumption habits with numerous options…

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