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Stating that egg producers are going through difficult times due to the increase in input costs, Turkish Egg Producers’ Association (YUM-BIR) Chairperson İbrahim Afyon said, “If this continues, we will face undesirable results such as the closure of businesses and the slaughter of chickens. Feed support or direct support should be provided to the producer to control prices. It seems possible for the consumer to consume eggs at a more affordable price, but only with support.”

Egg producers are falling on hard times!

Despite the spike in input and production costs compared to last year, the producers continue to produce eggs, as in many products, with a loss of 40 percent from the cost.

Yumurta Üreticileri Merkez Birliği (YUM-BİR) Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı İbrahim  Afyon arşivleri - Orta Anadolu Kent Gündemi Gazetesi

İbrahim Afyon, who stated that the sector did its part by selling eggs even 40 percent below the costs, also underlined that, at the last point reached today, the producer has become unable to borrow money for feed-corn supply, aside from meeting the eggs and feed he produces. .

Afyon noted that in egg production, which has become one of the most talked about food products in the last period, it is not the producers who produce it, but those who buy it from the producer at a low price and sell it to the consumer at a high price, as in many other products.

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