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Recently, there have been price increases in many main food products. Rising prices in every product, from fruit and vegetables to meat and dairy products, are the first item on the consumer’s agenda. Another product that has attracted attention in recent days is Egg…

The unit price of the egg was based on 80 kurush at the producer. In the same period of last year, the price of one egg was around 43 kurush. As of last week, 1 egg was sold at the producer for 73 kurush. The citizen who does not miss the egg on his table and the restaurants that cook with eggs every day are brooding nowadays.

İbrahim Afyon

We asked the reasons for this price hikes to İbrahim Afyon, the Chairperson of the Egg Producers’ Association (YUM-BİR). The first answer given by Afyon as the reason for the price hikes was “cost increases”.


Expressing that there have been problems in the egg industry for many years, Afyon said, “Today our costs have increased a lot. As a matter of fact, we are one of the most transparent sectors. We can put all input prices on the table. Our costs have surged in many areas such as packaging, transportation and electricity. There was a great increase in feed prices, which constitute the largest input item. When all these came together, a rise in egg price was inevitable.”

“Yes, prices have gone up and this has been the subject of discussion, but egg producers are still selling below cost. Because the exit price of an egg from the producer should be 1 TL. In fact, when you look at the increase in costs, it is funny to say that “egg prices have risen’,” Afyon added…

By Burak Coşan,


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