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World-renowned barista trainer Michael de Renouard said he has not seen better quality coffee than in Turkiye as he heaped praise on Turkish baristas.

Renouard said he has been to many places across the world, including southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas. “I don’t see higher quality (coffee) than in Turkiye,” he told Anadolu Agency.

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Michael de Renouard

He said anyone can have world-class coffee in Turkiye.

“If you are a good chef and you want to be the best restaurant in the world, you must have good ingredients. When you want to be the best coffee roastery, you must have the best coffee, and the tools are so important,” he said.

Renouard also said Turkiye has very high-quality coffee shops, stressing that the coffee and milk in the country are perfect as well.

Good coffee requires good roasters and good baristas, he noted, saying the roasters’ job is to not lose the quality of coffee beans from good farmers, and baristas have the responsibility to preserve the quality.

Today, roasters and baristas have better machines to meet the needs of customers, he added.


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