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Hüseyin Memişoğlu: Denizli ‘Yellow Pearl’ ranks first in Türkiye’s exports

DENIZLI – Denizli Exporters’ Association (DENIB) Chairperson Hüseyin Memişoğlu said that 48 percent of Türkiye’s total chickpea exports of 27.9 million dollars were made from Denizli (Türkiye’s Aegean province).

Hüseyin Memişoğlu

Stating that Denizli region is at the top in chickpea exports with a 48 percent share in the country, Memişoğlu said, “Our exports, which were 9.2 million dollars in 2022, reached 13.3 million dollars in 2023 with a spike of 45 percent. Chickpea, as we call ‘Yellow Pearl’, the traditional product of Denizli, is an important nutrient due to its rich protein, mineral substances and vitamins. Denizli chickpea, which is at the top by far with its production and exports in our country, continues to be indispensable for snack plates.”

Memişoğlu also noted that Denizli chickpeas have a great market potential abroad as well as at home.

Chickpea (Leblebi)

Pointing out that in their monthly press bulletins announcing their export figures, emphasizin that the agricultural sector is prosperous for their province, Memişoğlu added, “Our exports of dried fruits and products soared by 140 percent last month. Chickpeas are also one of the sources of abundance of our province, which is produced in Serinhisar district. We export chickpeas to about 40 countries, mainly Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Morocco. We realise 48 percent of our country’s total of 27.9 million dollars of chickpea exports from our region with 13.3 million dollars.”

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