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Hüseyin Demir: Pınar Meat ensures food safety of today and the future with sustainable production approach

Press release…

Investment of 128.7 million TL from Pınar Meat, Export to 30 Countries…

Pınar Meat (Pınar Et), operates in Izmir province, which introduced the food sector in Türkiye with firsts and added value to the country with its presence in domestic and foreign markets, invested 128.7 million liras in 2023 and exported to 30 countries.

Hüseyin Demir

Pınar Meat and its Position in the Livestock Sector…

Pınar Meat operates in an area of 255 thousand square metres with nearly a thousand employees and a processing capacity of 408 thousand ovine, 102 thousand bovine and 1.6 million turkeys. Pınar Meat reached a turnover share of 18.9% in the processed meat market in 2023, when the livestock sector in Türkiye shrank by 5.9% and completed 2023 with a turnover of 4.949 billion TL by recording 22.4% growth in net sales revenue.

128.7 million TL Investment, Export to 30 countries…

For 39 years, Pınar Meat General Manager Hüseyin Demir said that they have been introducing firsts to the food sector in Türkiye, meeting with consumers in domestic and international markets and continuing to lead the sector.

“We continued to meet with our consumers with more than 500 product varieties at 155 thousand sales points last year, where we made a total investment of 128.7 million TL. While completing 2023 with a turnover share of 18.9% in the total processed meat market, we were in the leading position with a tonnage share of 20.4%. In the turnover share of 2023, we became the leading brand with a share of 45.4% in the salami category and 38.5% in the sausage category, excluding discount markets. We continue our efforts for overseas markets without slowing down. In 2023, we enhanced our effectiveness in the European geography, Georgia and Thailand markets and introduced our products to our consumers in 30 countries. We added 12 new products to our portfolio in a total of 30 countries, including TRNC, Iraq, U.A.E, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the United States of America, Germany, Azerbaijan and Georgia. In 2023, we achieved an export revenue of 4.9 million dollars,” Demir said.

Stating that they continue to produce new projects by following scientific and technological developments and innovative approaches in the sector, Demir explained, “We continued to enrich our portfolio with a total of 38 new products, including 15 retail, 5 e-commerce, 1 private customer, 12 export and 5 EDT channels with the R&D projects we carried out in 2023. Our new vegan and vegetable protein-based products burger and lime meatballs, especially for consumers who do not want to consume animal protein, attracted great interest in the USA and Gulf countries.”

Underlining that they attach importance to energy, water and waste management, sustainable animal husbandry and renewable energy, Demir added, “Thanks to our solar power plant established with an investment of 1.1 million dollars, we obtained 12% of our total electricity consumption from the sun last year. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by 30% by 2030, our water footprint by 10% by the end of 2023 and 15% by 2030 with the activities we carry out in the field of environmental sustainability, including renewable energy investments.”

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