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Republican People’s Party Tekirdağ Deputy İlhami Özcan Aygün said that there is still no news from the 2020 Agricultural Support and Steering Committee.

“Even 2019 Agricultural Support Payments still not completed,” Aygün said.

“Still No Decision For Sugar Factories”

Stating that the answer to the parliamentary question reflects the unplanned production understanding of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Aygün explained, “They still cannot say when the 2020 support payments will be made. Even when the Agricultural Support and Steering Committee will meet is uncertain. ”

Pointing out that there is an uncertainty about the expropriation of Sugar Factories, which is strategic not only for sugar production but also for alcohol and molasses, Aygün noted, “It is sad that the issue is slurred over by stating that the works and transactions related to the subject are carried out by the Directorate of Privatization Administration of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance”.

Aygun reminded that decrees on support payments were published in January or February to date, but there has been a major problem in this regard for two years. Indicating that the 2019 agricultural support decision was realized on 24 October 2019, Aygün added, “The Presidential Decree has not been published for 5.5 months. They will probably publish it in 2021. The decisions announced at the beginning of the year in 2019 are now left to the end of the year. The value given to the production and the farmer summarizes here. ”

Aygun emphasized that even the support amounts in 2019 were not fully paid to the producer.

Underlining that Treasury-backed loan receivables in April and May were postponed, Aygün concluded, “The main payments of the farmer are in the autumn period. These debts remain the same. How can the farmer produce and pay the loan without receiving 2020 payments? They do not delay the farmer’s debts, they pretend they are doing. This government pretends to be doing everything but does not move its hand.”

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