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In Türkiye’s Black Sea province of Giresun, producers find the opportunity to dry their harvested hazelnuts in a shorter time by laying them on the roadsides in the coastal area.

After the harvest, the producers who separate the hazelnuts from the pulp by hitting the patoza continue the drying process in the sun, which is the last process before the sale.

Those who have difficulty in drying the product due to the temperature difference and dew in high-altitude villages prefer the pavements along the Black Sea Coastal Road.

Some of the producers who dry the hazelnuts they poured on the tarpaulin they laid on a part of the pavements by mixing them throughout the day, some of them keep watch 24 hours a day in their vehicles and some in tents.

Producers, who had difficulty in drying hazelnuts due to rainfall last year, completed the drying process earlier this year thanks to the hot weather.

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