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Mehmet Cirav, Chairman of the Hazelnut and Products Sector Committee of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters’ Association (DKİB), said that the new season harvest has started well and wished the new export season to be a productive one.

Cirav stated that the stagnation and recession environment in European countries and other developed country markets, which are our traditional hazelnut export markets, will force buyers to act cautiously.

Cirav also reminded that there will be a contraction in demand this season, as the possible stagnation in manufactured products will lead to delays in orders, and that despite this negative situation, they are still hopeful for the new season and that they predict the export will be over 300 thousand tonnes.

In the new harvest period; Cirav emphasized that the producer should act very cautiously in order not to experience a decrease in the determined hazelnut prices.

Pointing out that a very good price determined and announced for hazelnuts, Cirav said, “Therefore the producer should not act hastily in the market discounting of the product.”

Underlining that in order for hazelnut, which is one of the most important agricultural products of the country and the agricultural product that provides the highest foreign exchange income, to maintain its value in the future, Cirav added, “The Ministries should place their incentive policies on the axis of efficiency and quality-oriented practices.”

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